about us
27 years of experience in creating value in territories through History
Promote entrepreneurship through the History of territories with quality, rigor, objectivity and involvement of communities and local operators
Our Vision is that wherever a Man passed there is always History ...

The legacy of past generations, anywhere in the world, remains present in our day, whether in terms of our traditions, habits, built monuments, languages and cultures.

We believe your History can be the potential for human, economic and cultural development - your richness is on your historical legacy!

Our mission is: To make History an instrument for the development of the Territories!

Developing Your History Is Enhancing Your Potential!

Our Group has as the mission to make history an instrument of social, economic, tourism and cultural development of the Territory.

A historical consultancy of excellence, supported by specialists from different areas, can transport the final consumer to the encounter of Territory History - from Prehistory to the 20th Century.

Involving the community - from the educational and associative sectors, to the producers, operators and investors of the Territory - is the fundamental basis for a successful achievement - from the single event to the Integrated Development Project!

Our Values:

Respect for the identity of the Territory;
Historical Rigor;
Ourselves presentation is the way we work - we are guided by the following methodology:
  • Opportunity Analysis: knowing how to find the best idea in the right place within realistic and intended goals;
  • Innovation and quality: make the specific project to the Territory with a differentiator facts from others;
  • Knowledge and communication: solid historical and good scientific bases combined with a frank and direct communication between all the partners;
  • Transparency and Evolution: clear ways to positive results always in constant learning and evolution with challenges;
  • Identity and Respect: adapt the means and objectives to the reality of the Territory in the utmost respect for their own Genesis and Identity.