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The Living History at your pocket!
How did the Romans build their road network? How did the Iberian medieval forces fought at the Battle of Ourique? How did Magellan navigate through unknown seas? How can I see a Medieval Castle being anywhere? OnHistory is the Mobile Application that will answer all these and other questions through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, available 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, whether inside of your home, at your workplace or at the outside of an historical monument that you may be visiting! Created by Cultunatura, in partnership with Passado Vivo, and developed by IT People, OnHistory will be a very pleasant and fun way to learn and get to know the historical aspects of a place and and enhance the live experiences in loco at the historic sites! This project aims to combine history + tradition + culture, with technological innovation, in order to create a unique product of touristic and cultural animation based on the specificities of the Territories covered by the different Thematic Routes. From museums to monuments, places and different products, both public and private, al lof those can become “agents” and benefit from this new touristic, cultural and educational tool with great dynamics but always safe and accessible to everyone! OnHistory will provide didactic and easy to follow content, both in Portuguese and English, and with its reference captions, will take the visitor to travel in time with the characters from a past era while staying in the present, enjoying it through their Mobile phones or Tablets. The launch of OnHistory was on September, the 8th, 2020 through the Youtube channel from Virtual Reality and Augment Reality Association Portugal (you can see the video below). Cultunatura Lda, is a cultural company based in Boticas, at the Territory of Alto-Tâmega, and developed OnHistory within the scope of its application to the Entrepreneurship Incentives Program Northern Regional Operational Program - "Developing the Territory through History".

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