about us
Maximising the value of the territories, through its history is our proposal to travel to Past with us
The heritage of past generations is still present (and visible) today – in our traditions, habits, monuments, languages ​and cultures.

Our main goal is to promote the territories and their brands through history with quality, rigour, objectivity and the participation of the community.

We work through strategic integrating projects, providing you with different services such as research and consulting, thematic exhibitions, audiovisual productions, historical events or experiences of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

We believe that history can be the potential for human, economic and cultural development – the Future is in your historic legacy!

We belive the historical consultancy, with scientific basis and rigour, supported by specialists from different areas, is very important to transport the end consumer to the Past History of the Territory – from Prehistory to the 20th Century.

Involving the community, both from the educational and associative areas, as well as the local players and professionals of the Territory, is the cornerstone of a successful project in this area – together, we can build bridges and ways of communication.

Our Values:

- Respect for the Territory Identity and characteristics

- Historical Accuracy

- Service Effectiveness

- Transparency
The way we present ourselves is the way we work:
  • Opportunity Analysis – finding the best idea for the intended objectives.
  • Innovation and quality – making a specific and differentiating project for your Territory.
  • Knowledge and communication – Solid historical and scientific knowledge combined with a good communication with all stakeholders involved in the Project.
  • Transparency and Ambition – clear steps to ensure positive results across all the way, always on constant learning and evolution.
  • Respect for the specific Identity – adapting the resources and the objectives to the characteristics of the Territory, maintaining its own uniqueness and respecting its cultural Identity.

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