From the History Origin to the originality conceived by us
Our services at the disposal of entities and territories:
Integrated Project for a Territory

That works 365 days a year, based on the «Historical Brand», to develop the productive potential of the various local producers in terms of tourism, agriculture, new technologies, among others. We scope the potential and existing resources and develop the plan for the most adequate Historic Product that can be implemented through the training of local agents, from concept to its implementation and operation, always with long term perspective.

Consulting and Training

For the educational area (for students and teachers) to the cinema, theatre and marketing professionals (for artists, producers, agents, tour animators or museum guides), so that they can use History in the development of their projects in a solid and productive way.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Convenient and safe leisure are essential for the consumer nowadays, through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences will enable them to enjoy History directly in the Territory or comfortably at their home, 365 days a year with great quality and emotion and without any unnecessary risk or additional cost!

Thematic exhibitions and Centers for Historic Interpretation

The design a thematic exhibition (fixed or itinerant), that transports History to all its visitors or install a permanent place so that the Territory can be interpreted using various sources of information. The activities are designed and provided by renowned specialists in museology, museography, model making, lighting, software and hardware developers, etc.

Historical Events

Are an excellent 'Brand' activity to promote and improve the territories. An adequate adaptation to the historical context requires rigour, objectivity, involvement of the local community and local agents, and an evaluation of the existing and necessary resources, which are the fundamental bases on which we work so that we can make the best and most accurate Event!

Audiovisual Productions

Whether it is about real or fictitious events, the historical theme has evermore a great consumer impact – visible in television series, videogames, advertising, thematic films, specific documentary, etc. We can ensure the quality level of any Project, providing historical consultancy, developing the script, finding and developing thematic replicas, training actors, stunts and providing extras, and support to the production and direction.

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